Call for Papers/Abstracts

ICBIB 2019 will be a meeting platform for international researchers to discuss and debate big data advances and applications. We envisage studies that reflect upon and provide innovative solutions that contribute to the sustainable development of the academic field of business studies. The conference targets research related to using and applying big data and data analysis tools in the following or related domains:

The conference proceedings will be published online with ISSN 2632-6132.

Papers submitted and presented at the (ICBIB 2019) conferences will have an opportunity for publication in the following Journals/ Special Issues. Selected papers presented in the conference will be submitted directly to the journals/ Special Issues and will be subject to the journals’ standard editorial and reviewing process. All papers are considered on the basis of their individual merit alone, and the fact that a paper may have been accepted for presentation at a conference does not ensure its acceptance for publication in the recommended Journals/ Special Issues

  1. OMEGA; Special Issue: Decision Making based on Big Data, Publisher: Elsevier, ISSN:0305-0483. Impact Factor: 4.3, Web of Science /ISI, Scopus,

  2. Critical Perspectives on Accounting, Special Issue: Big Data and Accounting, Publisher: Elsevier, ISSN:1045-2354E-ISSN:1095-9955, Impact Factor: 3.2, Web of Science /ISI, Scopus, ABS (3), ABDC (A),

  3. IEEE Transactions on Big Data, Publisher: IEEE, E-ISSN:2332-7790., SNIP (2018): 8.1,

  4. Big Data, Publisher: Mary Ann Liebert, ISSN:2167-6461E-ISSN:2167-647X. Impact Factor: 1.5, Web of Science /ISI,

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The conference targets research related to using and applying big data and data analysis tools in the following or related domains:

  1. Management
    • ● Big data and its value for SMEs
    • ● Understanding competition using big data
  2. Accounting
    • ● Enhanced assessment techniques
    • ● Growth rate predictions using big data
  3. Finance and Banking
    • ● Big data in finance and banking
    • ● FinTech
    • ● Credit risk assessment
    • ● Direction of financial markets
    • ● Liquid asset pricing
    • ● Security
  4. Human Resources
    • ● Just-in-time talent demands and long-term planning
    • ● Aligning workforce analytics with the larger business strategy
    • ● Applying analytics across the talent lifecycle
    • ● Workforce planning and building
    • ● Getting ahead of AI and technology trends
    • ● Understanding socio-economic changes and the future of work
  5. Marketing
    • ● Measuring, evaluating and predicting the social consumer
    • ● Multi-platform consumer engagement
    • ● Benefits of social and mobile support strategies
    • ● Mobile marketing
    • ● Social media marketing
    • ● Emerging trends in marketing research
    • ● Exploiting data to build innovative marketing and e-commerce strategies
    • ● Cross-channel effects and synergies in digital and traditional advertising
    • ● Measuring consumer behavioral changes
    • ● Algorithmic bias in advertisement delivery
    • ● Promoting and protecting brands
  6. Retail
    • ● Evolution of customer service driven by big data
    • ● Predicting consumer trends
  7. Innovation and Entrepreneurship
    • ● Creating new experiences, services and products
  8. Sustainability in Business
    • ● Eliminating overlap using big data
  9. Business Education
    • ● Big data in the business curriculum
    • ● Future of business education
  10. Business Ethics
    • ● Studying customer behavior to avoid fraud
  11. Business Intelligence and Analytics
    • ● Big data for risk management
    • ● Valuation of customers using big data
    • ● Presenting data effectively

Submission Procedure

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